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Updated Pics…


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Recent Arcade Pics…   2 comments

Just uploading some recent shots, and testing out the new WordPress site.

Pin View 1

Just a view of the pinball room, facing West.

Pin View 2

Just a view of the pinball room, facing East.


The north Wall

South Wall

The south wall.

Peering into the old arcade...

Looking into the old arcade in the north section.

Old Arcade shot, looking west

Old arcade shot, facing west.


This is my wife. The fact that she lets me get away with all of this crap makes her the coolest person on the face of the earth.

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Here’s a quick video Walkthrough I put together on 8/19/11.  Enjoy!

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This is the layout of the basement at its jam-packed zenith. The lineup of games is pretty cool, but there really wasn’t any room to move around. Some of the video-games were choked off, and the paths were clogged during big parties. Also, I had more games on my “wish” list, and no place to put them. (The big empty room in the top right is the laundry room. I wasn’t really allowed to take that over. Of course, games still ended up in there, but they weren’t really presentable).

(Also, if you can’t figure out the acronyms, or read the game names, here is the lineup):

Pinball Machines: Cirqus Voltaire, Theatre of Magic, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Monster Bash, Indiana Jones, The Addams Family, Champion Pub, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Revenge from Mars, Spider-Man (Stern), Banzai Run, Big Bang Bar, Centaur, The Shadow, Attack from Mars, Star Wars: Ep1, Scared Stiff, Jurassic Park, Funhouse, DE: Batman, DE: Star Wars, and Big Game (Stern – Not in the Basement).

Video Arcade Machines: Pac-Man (Multi), Jr. Pac-Man, Galaga, Robotron, Multi-Williams, Joust, Double Donkey Kong (DK + DK Jr), Dig Dug, Pooyan, Lady Bug, Gyruss, ZooKeeper, Space Duel, Black Widow, Atari Star Wars, Tempest, Frogger, Dreamcast Arcade Cabinet, Killer Instinct, Neo Geo 4 slot, and another Neo Geo 4-slot.

That’s roughly 40 games packed into the basement. Change needed to happen.

The Plan

This is the plan I had in my head. It should effectively double the space of the arcade. I was going to put in an elevator, too. (Look, lugging these beasts up and down the stairs is a pain in the butt, and I won’t be young forever). The basic idea: The new area will contain all the pinball machines, and the old area gets all the video arcade games (and the Ping Pong table). If I end up getting too many games, then the ping pong table would go, and I could jam games along the south wall again. Also, the laundry room will move upstairs, so I will inherit all of that room for a workshop.

Say goodbye to this wall. Also, this isn’t me in this picture. It is my brother Mark, his son Conner, and my wife, Julie. Nobody takes any pictures of me…it’s kind of sad.

Okay, here is a pic of me…but, it’s old, and a lot of these games have moved, or have been sold (like that Gauntlet back there).

Construction Begins

(Or…let’s dig a big hole)

This is the back of our house…where all the building and hole digging will happen. Take note of where the fireplace is. We’re hoping it extends all the way to the bottom of the house. (If not, it could collapse when the hole is dug).

I’m in what will soon be my new arcade area. I’ve never been so excited to be standing in a big hole.

Then….the walls went up. Look, it’s cooler than me standing in a hole, right? (Also notice…the fireplace DID go all the way to the bottom. Good news, but now my basement won’t be perfectly rectangular. Drat).

Back to the Basement

My arcade was pretty much out of commission by this point. Most games got folded up, and the ones that didn’t, got covered. (Shortly after this pic, most games were folded up, and had their legs taken off. Big Bang Bar and Spider-Man got to stay operational, but were soon buried by other building stuff). It will be a looong time before I can play pinball again in any significant way. Some of my games even ended up at John Dayhuff’s house so I could free up some room.

The “new” area has been enclosed, and a portion of the old basement wall has been knocked out, so I can get in there and look around.

Yup, someday this place will be lined with pinball machines. Unfortunately, it just looks like a creepy dungeon at this point.

Same basement, different angle…and some support beams that won’t be there forever.

The New Basement

(Or…”Pin Dungeon”)

Well, the first two pins are in the basement. This is partially due to necessity (the “old” area is overflowing), and partially because I want to get an idea about how to use the space. These pins worked great as spaceholders.
Also, if you think this place looks like a creepy dungeon now, you should have seen it BEFORE the lights were put up. Yikes.

There is the hole in the wall to the “old” basement…and my new steps. I toyed with the idea of a ramp, but it was going to be too steep, or take up too much space. So…the steps win. (On the other side of this wall was where the small bank of pins were, visible on Page 2…the ones where my wife, brother, and nephew are standing in front of).

The wiring/electrical started to go up at this point, too. TONS of circuits in order to handle the needs of the pinball machines. We upgraded to 200 amp service, too.

This is the magical wiring closet. Okay, it isn’t all that magical, or interesting. I was just depressed because this closet meant that I was losing a space where I could have put 1 or 2 more pinball machines. (Another side note: To the left of this closet will be where the elevator comes down…in the corner).

Getting Closer…

Now the hole in the wall is taking shape. We wanted to give it a big open “feel” without actually opening it all the way up (it created problems with game location on the other side). So…we went with this “stair-step” wall opening.

This is the hole in the wall from the other direction. Yee-haw.

The ramp/step thing was solved at this point, too. Our builder came up with this nifty insert idea…they sit on top of the steps for when I need to use them, and get removed when I don’t. Spiffy!

Ah….drywall. That goes a long way toward losing the “dungeon” feel. Also notice that more games are creeping in here. (Hey, they’ve gotta go somewhere, and I have a big, empty 15×64 room).

Almost there. Heat ducts went up (which I don’t like, but I have a 9 foot ceiling, so I guess I’ll live). Soon, we’ll be ready to paint. After the paint will be carpet, after the carpet, I get to put games in here.
The bad news? In order to carpet, all these games need to be taken out of here. I know you can’t see what the “old” basement area looks like, but trust me…there isn’t any room.


(If you thought nothing could be more boring than watching paint dry…you’d be right).

Primer. (Just so you know, I was painting too…I didn’t make my poor wife do everything).

Another look into the “old” basement. Man, it looks like a bomb went off in there. If you could only peer around the corner to the left (shudder).

This white area is where the fireplace lands. It was underground for the past 40 years. I wasn’t wild about how it takes up more room (because of the footer underneath it), and it will make it impossible to line games up the way I want (there wouldn’t be enough room for a walkway). So…we’re building a “bar” area here. We’ll throw a 42″-ish plasma screen up on that white fireplace part, put a mini-fridge there, and run a bar perpendicular to the white wall (it’ll look like a big “T”). The white wall won’t stay white…it gets painted within 10 minutes of this picture.

The Invasion of Games

(Or…the happiest day of my life…well, other than that wedding thing).

I wish I would have taken pictures when the room was empty, and the carpet just went in. That is some WILD carpet. In any case, here is the first look at the new area. Other than Banzai Run, this is what people will see when they turn the corner at the bottom of the stairs.
(LAME SIDE NOTE: I set up a camera in the corner of the room to take a picture once a minute for the entire day. If I ever get to it, I’ll take that time lapse and turn it into a video, and throw that up on YouTube, or something. It’s kind of neat to watch the carpet get installed, games come in and get set up, and so on).

Setting up 30+ games isn’t fun. It’s also a logistical nightmare. Luckily I had been planning for this moment for the past five months. (Doesn’t look like it, I know). Still a lot more work to do at this point, and all my helpers have gone home. (By the way: All My Helpers = John Dayhuff).

Check out the dust on Indiana Jones. Forgot to wrap that one…whoops!!

Just a different angle of the pinball mess. I still have to bring in a LOT of games. This probably isn’t even half of them.

The (semi) Finished Product

(Well, close enough)..

And….there it is. We’ll take a closer look at the games on the rest of this page and the NEXT page. So far, the only thing not pictured is my Stern Big Game that will be next to Centaur. (It came downstairs the next day). I’ve still got room for another 10 games or so…maybe 20 if I expand back into the “old” basement area. We’ll see what happens.

This is the initial look into the new area. Still a lot to do as far as cleanup, but this should give you a good idea. I wanted to present my “best” games, so my HUO Spider-Man, Big Bang Bar, and Simpsons get the primo spots. BBB is so visually impressive, that I wanted it right up front. Spidey looks great, and is a blast to play, so it is up next. Indiana Jones (my favorite pin) gets a nice view of the sideart…just to the right of the stairs, and my two Pin2000’s are off to the left (they fit better on that side of the stairs). Good thing the Star Wars Pin2k has Darth Maul on this side…he looks much cooler than Qui-Gon Jin. I probably would have moved Revenge from Mars to the stair side instead.

The “Bar/TV” area isn’t done yet, so there is just a blank spot there.

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